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Palm Tree Art Prints

Christmas, Coconut and Foxtail Palms (click on images for more information)

Palm trees are a Florida Standard. Everywhere you look. You'll find Palms.

There are 3800 known species of Palms throughout the world. Not all Palms grow in the Tropics. Some actually prefer cooler climates. The Palms listed on this page are commonly found throughout the State of Florida. Take a drive and take a look. You'll see these and many more...

Christmas Palm (Veitchia Merrillii): A popular Indoor and Outdoor Palm originally from The Philippines. They resemble the Royal Palm in Miniature. They bear bright red fruit in December resembling Christmas decorations.

Coconut Palm (Cocos Nucifera): A true symbol of the Tropics who's origin is not certain. These palms are not suited for growing indoors. Outdoors in hot and humid climates they can produce coconuts in as little as a few years.

Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia Bifurcata): These fast growing palms area originally from Australia. It's leaves have a bottle-brush or foxtail appearance.

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