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Palm Tree Art Prints

Bottle and Bismark Palm Trees, Bird of Paradise (click on images for more information)

Palm trees are a Florida Standard. Everywhere you look. You'll find Palms.

There are 3800 known species of Palms throughout the world. Not all Palms grow in the Tropics. Some actually prefer cooler climates. The Palms listed on this page are commonly found throughout the State of Florida. Take a drive and take a look. You'll see these and many more...

Bottle Palm (Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis): An unusual small palm from the Mascarene Islands who's trunk is literally shaped like a bottle. It has stiff, often twisted leaves. Even on a mature tree you may find only four or five leaves.

Bismark Palm (Bismarckia Nobilis): This massive tropical palm commands attention and inspires awe wherever it is grown. The Bismarck palm's stout trunk and symmetry of the huge crown lends a formal note while the startling blue green foliage amplifies the visual impact of this big beauty. It grows a single trunk that is smooth on mature specimens but young individuals retain old leaf bases. This palm may reach an ultimate height of 50-60 ft (15-18m) with a spread of 20 ft (6m) or more

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae): Bird-of-Paradise is a well known classic plant intimately associated with tropical atmosphere. Seems everyone has seen them and everyone who gets close marvels at the amazingly large, complex and beautiful flowers . Because of the banana shaped leaves and other plant characteristics it was classified in the banana family Musaceae, however now it has its own family Strelitziacea. The name Bird of Paradise comes from the spectacular flower shape which resembles a birds beak and head plumage.

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