Marjorie Smith, Freelance Artist & Illustrator

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Marjorie's artistic career began in her youth with sketches and drawings of the fish and animals that she would encounter in her adventures.
Her native artistic ability has enabled her to achieve a drawing style that is entirely self-taught. Yet Marjorie feels that the fuel for her artistic growth from simple beginnings to international prominence is the ongoing support, encouragement, and enthusiasm of her close-knit and creative family.

Marjorie achieved her dream of moving to the Florida Keys.
After twenty years of residence on these magic islands her art has flourished and grown into a marvelous and inspired style that draws on many themes and utilizes multiple media. Her medium of choice is often an incredibly accurate image of fish drawn in pen and ink on government�issued navigational charts.
Her Chartworks illustrations are complimented by bursts of pastel and watercolor.

Her life as an artist resonates with constant growth. Although her subject matter is platformed in images of game fish, her work now includes sport fishing scenes, boats, endangered species, botanical drawings, and even a series of magical mermaids.

Marjorie's art has attained true prestige status as commissioned prizes in International high stakes fishing tournaments. In addition, her work graces the walls of art collectors from the Keys to the Caymans to the Continent and beyond. Her work is shown throughout South Florida and available in many regional galleries of distinction.

Chartworks by Marjorie Smith, 103200 Overseas Hwy #4, Key Largo, Florida 33037 Phone: 305-304-4972