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It's hard to beat the collection of spectacular scenes you can find yourself immersed in while taking a drive through our 100+ miles of Island Life.

Key Largo is the gateway to the Keys while Key West is the Southernmost Point in the continental United States. In between there is a never ending kaleidoscope of color, both in nature and in the people of the Florida Keys.

If you were born here you are a true "Conch" (tough and colorful) otherwise you'll never be. Just ask one, they'll tell you.... But you can enjoy the Keys just the same.

Key Largo is the backdrop for "Coming Attractions." Just a few of the treasures to come as you wind your way South.

"Coming to Dinner?" We hope so.

Ernest Hemingway found his home both in Key West and in Cuba. "Papa's Loves" shows just some of his passions, Blue Marlin Fishing, a fine Cigar and his beloved cats.

In silhouette, flats fishing is just as beautiful "Sunset Flats" shows you just that.

"Carysfort Light" is located off of North Key Largo in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary it is one of the most popular snorkeling and diving sites in the Upper Keys.

I was asked to create a scene as described by a client of mine. He was leaving the Florida Keys for Michigan for the summer and had just had a great day boating. He'd seen Bottlenose Dolphin, Frigate Birds, Flying Fish and a beautiful Sunset. The result was "Southbound Flight"

"Something for Everyone" is just that. Take a look. You'll find something too.

"Yellowtail" Snapper. Not a commercially fished fish. You might not find it elsewhere, so give it a try while you're here.