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Dolphin! (Mahi Mahi) (click on images for more information)

The Dolphin ( Mahi Mahi or Dorado) is one if the most popular game fish in the Keys!

On a hot and calm summer day in the Gulfstream Dolphin can be found lounging in weedlines and under almost anything that floats. A well-presented bait can produce a tremendous fight and often times a remarkably tasty lunch or dinner!

You'll find Dolphin on the menu in nearly every Keys eatery, try some and you'll know why.

"Marina Del Mar 2000" was designed for their Annual Dolphin Bonanza!

Mahi is the centerpiece of this Sportfishing Circle of Seven called "Offshore Seven."

"Pursuit" is the name of this High Flying Dolphin Chase.

In the Florida Keys, Dolphin is the "Summer Specialty."

Mouth Open Wide...."Say Aaah." Flying fish, coming up!

Bright Green, Brilliant Yellow and Iridescent Blue are just a few of the colors you'll witness if you find a "Dolphin Trio."

This Dolphin (also known as Dorado) is looking for lunch..."Snack in the Grass"